What is LingYA Hard Seltzer?

LingYA Hard Seltzer is a simple blend of soda water, distilled vodka, and a hint of fruit with zero sugar.

What is the nutrition information of LingYA Hard Seltzer?

Check below to see our full ingredients and nutrition labels.

Is LingYA Hard Seltzer alcohol?

Yes! We are alcohol with 3.8% ABV.

Is LingYA Hard Seltzer wine, sparkling wine, or fruit wine?

No. Unlike wines which are fermented with grapes, LingYA Hard Seltzer is a simple blend of soda water and vodka. Also, LingYA Hard Seltzer contains zero sugar, which is a common ingredient in wines.

Is LingYA Hard Seltzer beer?

No. Unlike beer which is brewed with grains, LingYA Hard Seltzer is a simple blend of soda water and vodka with no input of grains in the process. Also LingYA Hard Seltzer contains less than 2g of non-impact carbs*.

* Non-impact carbs are carbohydrates that have little effect on blood sugar levels and have no energy coefficient. All you need to know is that they're zero calories!

Is LingYA Hard Seltzer gluten free?

Yes! LingYA Hard Seltzer is made with naturally gluten-free ingredients.

What is the shelf life of LingYA Hard Seltzer?

Generally, LingYA’s products will stay fresh for 12 months after it was packaged. We recommend drinking LingYA within 12 months of the production date. You can find the product date on the can.

Where can I buy LingYA Hard Seltzer?

You can buy LingYA directly from our online store. Click SHOP to buy now!

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